Installing a Botgento Extension for Magento 1 and Faceboot Bot Setup

In this tutorial, we will go through how to install Botgento extension for online Magento store and connect Facebook chatbot with Magento.

  • We recommend you to install on staging/test site before goes to production website.
  • Backup your Magento store files and database.
  • Download FTP clients, we recommend FileZilla and WinSCP

Installing Botgento Magento extension

Log In to Admin Panel
Log in to the Magento Admin panel.

Disable the Compiler (Optional)
Navigate to System > Tools > Compilation in the top Admin Panel menu.
If compilation is enabled, click the "Disable" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Download and Extract Package
You can download Botgento plugin for Magento through link we provide in access detail email & extract the installation package locally to any folder.

Upload Files to Server
Upload the content of extracted folder to the root directory of your Magento installation.

Refresh the Magento Cache
Navigate to System > Cache Management in the top Admin panel menu and clear the cache.

Re-enable Compilation (Optional)
Navigate to System > Tools > Compilation in the top Admin Panel menu.
Click the "Run Compilation Process" button to re-enable compilation.

Connect Facebook Bot with Magento

Next, you can find Facebook bot setup with Botgento on our YouTube screencast, please go through User Guide for detail understanding.

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